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CRAFTY: Quotable Cross Stitch, Mean Girls/Mario

Boo, you whore.

"Boo, you whore."

Yesterday, I had the random urge to pair that quote with a ghost.

(I have a long list of ideas from the past few days, actually, but the impetus behind that idea overload are for another post I haven’t yet gotten the drive to finish writing.)

After browsing some patterns and just images in general, I decided to take this one in a geeky direction by including Boo, and save the cute ghost vs “whore” contrast for a more Halloween-themed pattern. I downloaded PCStitch to see if all the hype I’d seen was true, and as far as I can see, it is! It’s a great program that made creating my first pattern fun.

BOO! You Whore, Mario Ghost Sprite

BOO! You Whore, Mario Ghost Sprite

I’m still nitpicking over pixels, so this isn’t likely to be the final design exactly, but that’s a screencap of the pattern preview in PCStitch before I closed it out (as I don’t have the $50 to hand over for the full version for save or print capabilities).

Next up!


CRAFTY: Baby Doll Clothing

NaBloPoMo November was a failure – I JINXED MYSELF >.< – but I'm moving on, knowing that I set a goal that was too big for immediate success. SOMEDAY, THOUGH.

Today I have written, just not right here. Well, at least not here yet, since I'm doing so right now.

Baby & fabrics

Dolly Baby and the beginnings of new clothes.

Dolly needs clothes because the Munchkin wants to do what most mothers of infant girls do, DRESS THEM UP ALL THE TIME. As Husband Boy was anti-dresses for the early years of the Munchkin’s life, I didn’t dress her up nearly enough for my maternal urges. Time to redirect that to toys.

I originally separated the crafty/handmade/hand-assembled/and so on elements into another blog for two reasons:

1) ODB:NTB is my space to talk about anything I want, however I want, so it won’t always be acceptable for all ages. If I want to swear, I will and I won’t feel guilty about it (no, not even if you’re reading this, Mom). Crafts should be family-friendly, and if, say, my doll clothing trial and error helps another parent and child the way other blog posts have helped me so far, it’s better that’s not sandwiched between adult nonsense. I’ll still cross-link to keep the blogs connected, as anything blatantly not family-friendly, like some subversive cross-stitch or, I don’t know, felt penis dolls, will be located here and linkable there.

1) I hope to soon run a small online shop selling both ready-to-purchase items and my services in creating custom handmade items for those who want handmade, want something specific, but don’t have the time or skill to do for themselves, so I want a blog supplement specific to that venture.


Click on through to check it out.