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CRAFTY: Baby Doll Clothing

NaBloPoMo November was a failure – I JINXED MYSELF >.< – but I'm moving on, knowing that I set a goal that was too big for immediate success. SOMEDAY, THOUGH.

Today I have written, just not right here. Well, at least not here yet, since I'm doing so right now.

Baby & fabrics

Dolly Baby and the beginnings of new clothes.

Dolly needs clothes because the Munchkin wants to do what most mothers of infant girls do, DRESS THEM UP ALL THE TIME. As Husband Boy was anti-dresses for the early years of the Munchkin’s life, I didn’t dress her up nearly enough for my maternal urges. Time to redirect that to toys.

I originally separated the crafty/handmade/hand-assembled/and so on elements into another blog for two reasons:

1) ODB:NTB is my space to talk about anything I want, however I want, so it won’t always be acceptable for all ages. If I want to swear, I will and I won’t feel guilty about it (no, not even if you’re reading this, Mom). Crafts should be family-friendly, and if, say, my doll clothing trial and error helps another parent and child the way other blog posts have helped me so far, it’s better that’s not sandwiched between adult nonsense. I’ll still cross-link to keep the blogs connected, as anything blatantly not family-friendly, like some subversive cross-stitch or, I don’t know, felt penis dolls, will be located here and linkable there.

1) I hope to soon run a small online shop selling both ready-to-purchase items and my services in creating custom handmade items for those who want handmade, want something specific, but don’t have the time or skill to do for themselves, so I want a blog supplement specific to that venture.


Click on through to check it out.


Famous Last Words


This Could Be Awesome, Or My Demise


I was going to do this blog a day thing on my own, but while searching for writing prompts (I wanted to be prepared now for any brain block later in the month, the reason why being a topic for another post), I found this. My track record with group-organized commitment is not that great, and by that I mean SHAMEFUL (see: previous attempts at NaNoWriMo), but this one has the advantage of only having one goal – blog every day for a month, just to blog. No word counts, no theme to get frustrated with, no limits to creativity at all. Just write.

That’s what I’m doing anyhow, so why not? I WILL NOT FAIL JUST BY MAKING THIS MORE OFFICIAL. NOTE TO SELF: not even by getting distracted with new blogs to read.

NaBloPoMo 2011

I probably should have known about this sooner, given the number of mentions of BlogHer on blogs I like to read, but I’m behind on my reading and using that as an excuse, okay? OKAY.

There was a post lurking in my brainpan, but the glee of discovering NaBloPoMo derailed it temporarily, and Storage Wars and American Hogger (I had never seen an episode of either prior to this week, but now I appear to be hooked. American Hogger, especially. I choose their family drama over the Kardashians ANY day.) are calling my name, so I’ll save it for another day.

No Time Like The Present?

In the search to find a blogging outlet that best fit me, I’ve had (and still have) accounts across many services. LiveJournal, my oldest, has became mostly “fandom”, which is only one part of my life or online activities. InsaneJournal is my circle for those who I create cooperative fiction with, but still not the whole of what I do or who I am. Even on WordPress, I’ve tried and failed a few times to find an identity that was me, rather than something I grew bored with in a few months when my interests drew me down another path. As a name, “onlydrawnbad” has been my own in various ways for some time now, a shout out to an animated femme fatale I share a name and large breasts with, but not a lot else (though I suppose Husband Boy would look cute in rabbit ears). I’m definitely Not That Bombshell, but catch me on a bad day and I might just decide a frying pan has a greater appeal than its kitchen functions.

Eventually, I archived this or that from other blogs to here, but I never found the right way to start this blog as a record of all that I am, rather than just one dimension. Even after I realized there wasn’t a right way to start it, I was still stuck. Draft upon draft of potential posts still idle in my mobile phone in aborted snippets and paragraphs, waiting to be finished and live as one of the myriad pieces of me.

If I wait for the right time, I’ll never start. If I wait for the right story, this space will remain empty. So here I am, during a month where those around me are in a frenzy to unleash 50,000 + words into the world, with one simple (or not-so-simple, only time will tell) goal: write every day and fill this with whatever comes to me. Perhaps in that eclectic presentation, I’ll find a space that finally fits me.