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This Could Be Awesome, Or My Demise


I was going to do this blog a day thing on my own, but while searching for writing prompts (I wanted to be prepared now for any brain block later in the month, the reason why being a topic for another post), I found this. My track record with group-organized commitment is not that great, and by that I mean SHAMEFUL (see: previous attempts at NaNoWriMo), but this one has the advantage of only having one goal – blog every day for a month, just to blog. No word counts, no theme to get frustrated with, no limits to creativity at all. Just write.

That’s what I’m doing anyhow, so why not? I WILL NOT FAIL JUST BY MAKING THIS MORE OFFICIAL. NOTE TO SELF: not even by getting distracted with new blogs to read.

NaBloPoMo 2011

I probably should have known about this sooner, given the number of mentions of BlogHer on blogs I like to read, but I’m behind on my reading and using that as an excuse, okay? OKAY.

There was a post lurking in my brainpan, but the glee of discovering NaBloPoMo derailed it temporarily, and Storage Wars and American Hogger (I had never seen an episode of either prior to this week, but now I appear to be hooked. American Hogger, especially. I choose their family drama over the Kardashians ANY day.) are calling my name, so I’ll save it for another day.