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CRAFTY: Quotable Cross Stitch, Mean Girls/Mario

Boo, you whore.

"Boo, you whore."

Yesterday, I had the random urge to pair that quote with a ghost.

(I have a long list of ideas from the past few days, actually, but the impetus behind that idea overload are for another post I haven’t yet gotten the drive to finish writing.)

After browsing some patterns and just images in general, I decided to take this one in a geeky direction by including Boo, and save the cute ghost vs “whore” contrast for a more Halloween-themed pattern. I downloaded PCStitch to see if all the hype I’d seen was true, and as far as I can see, it is! It’s a great program that made creating my first pattern fun.

BOO! You Whore, Mario Ghost Sprite

BOO! You Whore, Mario Ghost Sprite

I’m still nitpicking over pixels, so this isn’t likely to be the final design exactly, but that’s a screencap of the pattern preview in PCStitch before I closed it out (as I don’t have the $50 to hand over for the full version for save or print capabilities).

Next up!