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LETTER TO THE ETHER – Dear Delivery Services:

Look. I know that seeing two house-shaped buildings on one property can be confusing. Who does that, right? Oh, right, just down the way from us are also several houses in one open plot, but those are all occupied ad all have their own delivery address and mailbox. I’m sure you’ve had to deliver something to that group of houses over the years.

Still, when there is only one mailbox at our location, the big house in the back is NEW-LOOKING with toys on the porch and in the yard and a driveway up to it (however much the grass has crept up between the rocks) and the tiny house in front looks worn out and has PLANT LIFE BLOCKING ALL ENTRANCES to the point of looking completely abandoned, you don’t have to make even a small leap to realize that the back house is the occupied one.

Barely pulling into the road end of my driveway and beeping your horn does not cut it when people live in houses with good insulation. Even if I am near a window, you drive off too fast for me to get outside and run down the driveway! True, sticking packages in the garage with an open door at least means a delivery, but while I appreciate the concern for protection from the elements, essentially hiding them in the garage doesn’t work either.

Knock. On. The. Front. Door. Or at least pull up to the house end of my driveway before you beep your horn and turn around to leave.

Crabby Jessi